Why Does It Hurt When I Eat?

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Have you ever thought that there may be very many possible causes to your problem?

Let’;s explain some of them.

There may be a physical impediment that you have not yet found. There may be many psychological reasons that causes you pain. There may be hidden problems behind your pain.

Then you should know which part of your mouth or your muscles hurt while you should enjoy your meal. It is possible that you feel pain at the level of your teeth, but it could also be your tongue, your throat, some muscles of your face or around your mouth.

Once you have established the real cause, you can also look at how to solve it.

Why so?

Let us see the physical problems. Actually, if they are mostly linked to teeth problems, have checked your teeth to find out whether you have caries or you do not have them. Caries can be very painful and sometimes you can not make out a hole in a tooth by yourself.

Another physical problem is the tensions in your jaws. Many people string their jaws or bite on their teeth during the night while sleep. The pain shows up when they are eating. This problem can be solved either by doing relaxation exercises or by using a device that helps you not to string your jaws or teeth.

These tensions are obviously also a psychological problem. If you have some unsolved problems (most people do) then it is easy to string your jaws. You can see that these pains are caused by a combination of physical and of psychological sufferings. Both can be solved by relaxation. If you are able to relax before going to sleep, you will no longer string your jaws or bite on your teeth.

You can also do some relaxation exercises before you start your meals. One good advice to relax your body completely is to smile. A smile that comes from your heart, relaxes every single muscle in your body.

Which part of your mouth or which muscles do hurt while you eat? Once you are clear about that, it is easier to solve your problem. Do your muscles hurt? Which muscles are involved? Do your teeth hurt? Only one or more teeth?

Are you relaxed when you sit at a table to enjoy your meal?

Are you nervous or tense when you should be enjoying your meal? The enemies that should not be at your table when you want to eat are called tension, anger, anxiety, frustration. These latter negative emotions are the worst companions. They can not help you enjoy your meal. They might worsen your pain.

Try to let them behind you Let them simply go. Try to be as calm as possible when you sit at the table. If you are positive, nothing can really hurt you ,. If you have a real pain see your dentist or your healthcare professional.

They will help you to overcome physical problems. If the problem sits elsewhere, try to forget negativity and invite positivity into your life. Even a physical pain is less painful when you look at it with positive eyes.