When Flying RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters, Stress Relief is Just a Take-Off Away

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With the frantic pace of daily living, a down world economy, environmental concerns and global unrest, stress is a rational reaction and an unavoidable fact of life. We have limited ability to control external stressors, but how we choose to react has a great deal to do with our mental, emotional and physical well-being. A tried and true strategy for coping with stress is to set aside time just for ourselves, to do something we like. We can’t all run triathlons or hang glide or scuba dive, but there is a perfect leisure time activity that anyone and everyone can enjoy: flying RC airplanes and/or RC helicopters.

Remote control flying (more properly, radio control flying) is affordable and appeals to all age groups, from children to seniors. Flying RC airplanes or RC helicopters is stimulating and rewarding, and as demanding as you choose to make it. It gets you outside in good weather with family and friends. And it speaks to something primeval in us, something as old as humanity, and that is the desire to fly, to inhabit the same realm as the birds that soar above. For many, flying RC airplanes is as close as we’ll come to realizing the dream of self-controlled flight.

Years ago, flying RC airplanes was pretty much the province of the well-to-do and the highly skilled, and that was even truer for RC helicopters. Today, with electric powered aircraft, improvements in batteries, spread spectrum frequency control and design advances promoting stability and reliability, learning to fly is much, much easier than in the past and you can buy everything you need, already built, for well under $100. Feeling a little stressed-out? Need to get away from it all and have some fun? Think about flying RC airplanes or RC helicopters – it may be just what the doctor ordered.