When All Else Fails – Take This

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When you’;ve run the gamut of your general practitioner – when the specialist runs out of ideas and you’;ve tried all the alternatives with their wonderful potions, lotions and nostrums- what is it that all the professionals tell us? – Go home and rest – the body will heal itself.

Sometimes – the best thing to do is to get into bed and sleep.

Sleep can be described as a period of mental and physical rest.
o It allows the conservation of vital energy.
o It provides perfect relaxation of body tissues that facilitating the unobstructed flow of nerve-force, blood and lymph.
o The unconsciousness which is a natural accompaniment of sleep relieves us of mental stresses.
o Sleep aids in the dissolution and excretion of lactic acid.

Sleep is that the means for attainment of mental and physical rest, conservation of energy and detoxification of body tissues.

Sleep also facilitates detoxification of the whole organism by means of neutralization, dissolution and excretion of lactic acid.
o The normal catabolic break-down of body tissues generates lactic acid, which in turn causes tiredness.
o When we sleep, this lactic acid is excreted and so when we wake we are refreshed and regenerated.

So – when in doubt about what to do with a tired frame, a worried mind or an upset digestive system – go to the bedroom – close the door – turn off the lights and darken the room – lie down – cover up and keep warm – close your eyes – breathe deeply – practice conscious relaxation and let the body’;s most powerful sedative embrace you with full strength.

When you awake – you will feel much better – of that we can be assured.

In conclusion we assert that sleep is a perfectly natural and normal circadian rhythm which provides regular relaxation, unconsciousness, detoxification of body tissues and conservation of energy.

All the best for your health and happiness, Kevin Hinton