What To Never Do If You're In A Bad Mood – Research Says People Who Do This Feel EVEN Worse

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Sometimes we feel like lumpy dirt …

It’;ll happen. And if any expert, doctor, guru, or speaker tries to convince you otherwise – run for the hills and KEEP RUNNING.

Because it’;ll happen to us all, "feeling bad" is part of the human experience. The truth is, there will be times where we feel down … depressed … upset … or angry.

It’;ll happen, the question becomes how long do we stay there and how frequently it does happen .

There is an insidious type of feeling bad though. It’;s a nasty pattern that drags people into feeling even worse … And now research is finally shining a bright spotlight onto this debilitating pattern.

Here it is:

It’;s where you feel bad … about feeling bad .

Sad about feeling sad.

Depressed about feeling depressed.

Guilty about feeling guilty.

Anxious about feeling anxious.

It’;s an emotional double-whammy.

Because we are not just feeling bad but judging ourselves in the process. It’;s piling guilt onto the negative emotion that we’;ve already feeling. Ouch!

And now research has finally started catching on to the consequences.

A study done by the University of California, published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology took 1,300 adults in the Denver and San Francisco area to look at the connection between psychological health and accepting emotions.

Here’;s what one of the researchers, Brett Ford, found:

" People who accept these emotions without judging or trying to change them are able to cope with their stress more successfully. "

I agree with Sir Ford.

It’;s important first and foremost to be honest about the emotion you are feeling.

Not to tell yourself, I should not be feeling this way … I should not be struggling with this … I should not be reacting this way … This should not be a good deal …

The fact of the matter is – you’;re feeling bad! And that’;s okay. It does not mean you are week. Or broken. Or something is wrong with you.

You can cut yourself some slack as opposed to beating yourself up because it happens to us all (Even if you do not publicly see it from others)

So accept the emotion you are feeling.

It does NOT mean you have to stay there for long.

It does NOT mean you are settling.

It does NOT mean you are giving up.

It just means you are recognizing the feeling for what it is.

Then you wield power over it … then you can try to change it.

But as soon as you stack guilt. And judge yourself for feeling bad that’;s when things turn from bad to worse.