Watch Out For the Early Signs of Depression

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People who have experience with a family member afflicted with depression can testify to this painful experience. Unless the depression is identified and given timely treatment, the effects of this creeping malady can affect a family and seriously affect the members involved. As a depressed person tends to isolate him/herself, this sudden withdrawal of communication often leaves family members bewildered.

Fortunately, there are clear and early signs of depression. The never ceasing depression awareness campaigns have finally paid off. People around the world today are largely aware that depression is a disease affecting emotion and treatment is available. Thus, they no longer confuse depression with mental instability and insanity.

While some symptoms of depression are apparent, others signs can remain hidden and go unnoticed until it is too late. In such cases, depressed people may pretend to have an extroverted personality and socialize freely with people in the office, at picnics as well as other social events. Yet, internally they feel detachment and view life with disinterest. Still, there are sufficient early warning signs that can be used to identify a sufferer of depression – you only need to know the times and places of which they appear.

To find out whether a person genuinely finds you amicable or is just pretending to do so, observe his/her mouth while he/she is smiling. If the person finds you amicable, his/her smile will reach up to the eyes. In other words, the person smiles not only with the mouth, but with the eyes as well. However, if he or she is merely pretending to like you, the smile never reaches the eyes. This is but one of the ways to which give early warnings of depression brewing.

Feelings of poor self-esteem, inability to work, poor memory and concentration, total detachment from favorite things, frequent discussions about death, afterlife, and the divine, are also important indicators of depression. As these indicators are fairly obvious, a brief discussion is usually all that is needed to determine if the person is depressed.

Avoid being fooled by radiant smiles and chatty persona. Many a time, people conceal their sadness and uncertainty behind a veil of a positive attitude. There exist instances where apparently healthy, happy people have committed suicide over seemingly trivial discussions or events. These people were later revealed to be sufferers of depression. Be alert to the indicators of depression and learn to identify them quickly. You may be the savior of someone’s life.