Using Koshi Wind Chimes to Enhance Your Meditation-Relaxation Calmness

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To remain detached from the ‘thinking’ mind is the goal of every meditator and those seeking a calm and peaceful existence. In those moments of deep relaxation and inner silence a deep and abiding calmness is realized. Then maintaining a calm awareness through the remainder of the day is a key test of how your practice is progressing.

Creating a controlled meditative/relaxation environment around you into which you can retreat, affords the best opportunity to be relaxed, calm and peaceful. Here away from unnecessary distractions you can proceed relatively undisturbed. But what happens to the calmness achieved here when you ‘step out’ into the hustle and bustle of the outside world, or if you are not a meditator but seek to live a calm, relaxed and more peaceful life.

All too often in the beginning the impact of discordant sounds or energies from uncontrollably sources leaves you feeling uncentered or jaded. Discordant vibrations may arise from machinery and traffic, or from the retracted energies from insincere, angry, or self-centered people. Whereas the inspiring sounds and sights from nature enhance your meditative experiences, as do certain types of music, and the joy, compassion or love from kind and caring individuals.

Over twenty years of my own meditation practice, as well as teaching meditation techniques, I observe that meditation is really an art form, and as such is unique to everyone. The basic principles of meditation can be quite quickly understood and learned, but it is up to the individual to tailor their own practice or life, to ensure they develop the tools and principles necessary to maintain a centered calmness.

There are various ways to achieve this. From my experiences as we are surrounded by sound – some of which we have control over, we can choose to gather around us uplifting and nurturing sounds that enhance that meditative calmness. Various types of music, tones or vibrations develop the alpha-theta brain wave; those that are naturally produced in our meditation, those that create that lasting peaceful, calm and relaxed awareness.

One way to achieve this is to hang within your home/work and meditation spaces Koshi wind chimes. These beautiful hand-crafted chimes, manufactured in France in four separate tunings – Earth, Fire, Water and Air, each with eight harmonic notes are a simple yet very potent way in introducing calm, soothing vibrations, naturally powered by the breeze around you. The simplicity in their effectiveness to bring a genuine feeling of joy, calm and peace is what makes them so very popular, and this is why I highly recommend them.

Koshi chimes can be hung either inside or out, anywhere there is a breeze. They are used in temples, ashrams, yoga and meditation center’s, in relaxation areas, aged care and early childhood center’s. The added bonus is that the Koshi chimes sound spontaneously, there is no need to have to remind your self to play a particular piece of music. Their soft and gentle harmonic tones captures the spiritual heart in such a delightful and uplifting way, drawing the listener’s attention back to their own innate calmness.