Trauma and Its Effects on the Body

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A trauma is the experience of a sudden shock to body, mind, and/or spirit, which creates major stress. Accidents, attacks, abuse, and unexpected staggering news can create trauma. Some may experience a sort of out-of-body feeling due to shock. Many of us have or will experience trauma at some point in our life. Although, we may not remember, our birth may have been a traumatic experience. Imagine going from a nice, warm, and safe place through the birth canal, out into the cold, bright lights, and for some being greeted with a slap on the behind!

I met with Dr. Robert Bennett, who is a prominent leading authority on Fibromyalgia, (Oregon Health Sciences University) and learned from his studies that people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia typically have experienced at least one major physical and/or mental trauma at some point in their life.

Local medical practitioner, Sylvia Rogers believes that unless trauma is released from the body, disease and pain will ensue. She also believes that we can inherit trauma through our mother and father’s family tree. It makes sense that our behavior and/or thinking can be altered by a traumatic experience, which may influence how we raise our children, how they raise their children, and so on. There may be many generations of toxin living in your body from inherited trauma. Therefore, releasing it will take time. Sylvia taught me a Release Statement/Prayer, which I have altered to fit my needs. I have been saying it for many weeks and feel myself getting stronger every day. Below is an example:

Release Statement/Prayer

“I release, as my body tolerates, all traumas from accidents and transgressions that live in my bones, organs, blood, muscles, and body’s systems (immune, digestive, nervous, etc). I forgive and release all iniquities that I have received from men, women, children, myself____________ (add any names you wish) in this life and from my ancestry. In the vacancies that this release creates, I claim perfect health for my entire body, mind, and spirit.” You may want to say a few positive affirmations here.

You may choose to vary the Release Statement to fit your situation. Most importantly, it is not necessary to revisit a trauma or to know the source of the trauma(s). In fact it would be best not to bring it/them to mind.

Forgiveness is an important part of the release and a gift to self. Forgiveness does not mean that you condone the behavior or act. It means that you release the negative emotional residuals that are living within. Forgiving self is as important as forgiving others.

I am a firm believer in saying inspiring, positive, and motivating affirmations out loud. However, I believe that unless we release from our body the things that do not serve us, saying an affirmation is like putting honey on rotted food and expecting it to be good for us. A positive affirmation may begin with “I am” followed by something that lifts your consciousness such as, “I am full of joy.” “I am really good at_______.”

Our voices are very powerful. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you say the Release Statement out loud. I believe that it is important that you continue to say it every day. I say my release prayer during my morning shower. I imagine the trauma washing out of my body into positive energy and down the drain. I recommend that you chose a regular time each day to recite the release or anchor it to something that you do each day, such as a shower, daily walk, etc. You may also find it helpful to record your statement, close your eyes, and listen to it in a comfortable and relaxed state.

I welcome comments, questions, and/or sharing your experience with this process.

In Loving Support if YOUR Ideal Life,