Tips On How To Get Things Happening

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Let’;s face it: Some things never get done or it takes a huge effort to finally get them done, like for example the tax. How come? How can we get things happening without feeling the deadline approaching?

Tip # 1: Make it important

Things get done because they are important. Why do you send in your time sheet at work every week? Because it’;s important and otherwise you will not get paid. Why do I send reminder emails to my clients? Because I think it’;s valuable to my business and I want them to turn up to their appointment.

Tip # 2: Organize it into your day or week

All the hobbies you are currently enjoying only happen because you must have them organized in your routine. For example a dinner date with friends: This needs to be scheduled in your diary so that no other appointments can take your time.

Tip # 3: Make a weekly plan visible

Those activities that you want to do regularly do not need to have in your weekly diary but you have to make sure that you cross out time. For example ‘;dancing’;: You go to a regular class on a Tuesday and maybe even join the weekly social dancing event. Remember to block out Tuesday night in your weekly diary. In addition you might want to create a weekly plan, like a timetable at school, that contains regular activities like your dance practice, gym sessions, reading, filing, practicing an instrument, walking the dog, painting etc. Hang it up in a visible spot and hold yourself accountable to your activities.

Tip # 4: Delegate

If you think about those things you really dislike or you are not good like, for example doing your tax, ask yourself: Why am I doing it? Could and would I give it to someone else to do it? What stops me? Think about those questions thoroughly and you will find that other people might do a better job than you doing those things and free up your time to owe to something that is really important to you.

Tip # 5: Get a support buddy

We often start with good intentions only to find that they fizzle out after only a short period of time. The perfect remedy for this problem is to get your support buddy. Share your weekly plan with your friend, partner or other family member. Organize a weekly check-in time where you go over what has worked so far and what needs improvement.

Remember: Your experience is a work in progress. If it does not work, change it until it does!