Time Travel Machine For Your Tinnitus Relief

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Who has tinnitus? There are ten million persons who suffer the symptoms of noises in the head, like a ringing sound that only they can hear. Tinnitus can interfere with sleep, concentration, and the quality of life.

How do you get it? If your hearing is damaged, for example from a loud explosion, or working around loud machinery you may develop tinnitus. Sitting close to the loud speakers at a wedding, bar mitzvah or a rock concert, can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Certain traumas, such as head and neck, can cause this too. Abnormal input from muscles such as the neck or the jaw (TMJ) are frequently accompanied by tinnitus. Various drugs such as aspirin related products can cause tinnitus; but usually it stops when these drugs are stopped. Elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes are also causes; often tinnitus stops when the blood pressure is normal again. Certain ear conditions such as Cochlear Hydrops or any lesion that compresses the hearing nerve can be a culprit.

Anxiety reinforces tinnitus. Many persons develop an anxiety reinforcement cycle with their tinnitus: the more the tinnitus the more their anxiety: the more the anxiety, the worse the tinnitus symptoms.

You can have anxiety which makes any condition worse: the more it itches the more nervous you get, the more you scratch, the more it itches, the more anxiety you get.

If your muscles are relaxed you can’t have anxiety. If you look in the mirror and see your muscles of the face, jaw and shoulder relaxed, you can’t have anxiety. When you lay in the sun at the beach fully relaxed, no anxiety.

Use the time machine for tinnitus Since you didn’t have the tinnitus when you were in high school, when you got your driver’s license, or when you had your first real kiss, how about a time machine to go back to that time? Your chemistry then was tinnitus free: maybe you can get back that chemistry.

This is not a new discovery. We have measured certain chemistry changes in actors when they play happy laughing roles as being different than when they play sad depressed roles.

In the book, Counter Clockwise, Dr Ellen Langer discusses various experiments where the mind produced a more youthful physiology, with changes that could be measured objectively. Therefore, using these techniques for tinnitus therapy is indicated.

We have someone with tinnitus spend time visualizing with all five senses, taste, smell, feel, sight and hearing, the beach picnic, the first car, or the special birthday. In some patients that mind set combined with the Ear Aid™ product, has reduced the tinnitus symptoms.

Ear Aid™ is an over the counter formula that combines the products used in test animals to aid the hearing circuit. The products are combined so that they act synergistically. For example, lack of Pyridoxine may have a negative effect on hearing; it works better when combined with N Acetyl Cystein. When the mind travels back in time to the high school prom, you want to be sure that the products needed for hearing and brain chemistry are present.

One mechanism for the success of the time travel method is the relaxation that comes with this method. If you are recalling a wonderful vacation trip, using your five senses, you reduce the tight muscles and the anxiety that can make any symptom worse. Relaxing when you have an itch allows healing factors to work better. Similarly, using time travel this way allows Ear Aid™ to work better.

George H., a retired shipyard worker, complained of tinnitus. He practiced his twenty first-birthday trip to Las Vegas and took Ear Aid™ twice a day. After a month, he said his tinnitus was better. The tinnitus no longer kept him from sleeping and there were times when he wasn’t aware of having it.

Because tinnitus is a subjective symptom, we have no means of objectively measuring it. It is useful to have the patient examined by an audiologist who performs a tinnitus matching test. Here she has the patient tell which of several kinds of sounds “match” their tinnitus, and what volume matches the tinnitus they hear. With this method, we are able to determine when patients benefit. When patients use the time travel method with the Ear Aid™ then the tests before and after can tell the doctor when this works.

Maddie G. attended a rock concert with seats near the stage, in front of the giant loudspeakers. Next day she had tinnitus. For her it was easy to use her five senses to go back to before she had the tinnitus. The combination of time travel and Ear Aid™ worked for her.

Ringing in the ear can interfere with sleep and creative thinking. A method to help this condition may be as simple as recalling before you had tinnitus. As with any symptom or problem, there is always a benefit to relaxing and helping the mind to heal your symptom.