The Radial Appliance in Alternative Health

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The radial appliance is

probably the most versatile of

the various energy medicine

devices recommended by

Edgar Cayce. It can be used as

a preventive or curative treatment

by varying the type and

location of electrodes (plates)

and the inclusion of a solution

jar for carrying medicinal vibrations

into the body.

Although it was originally

called the “radio-active” appliance, it contains no radioactivity in

the modern sense of the word. The readings state that the energy

that it utilizes functions like a radio wave. This energy is also referred

to as radial activity that functions through radial centers in

the body, so I like to call it the radial appliance (which certainly

sounds much more benign that its original designation).

The commercial versions of the appliance now go by a variety

of proprietary names created by modern suppliers. The device is

typically constructed of common materials including steel, glass,

carbon, and charcoal. It is cooled down in ice water before attachment

to the body. The readings state that the vibrations from

the carbon, iron, and water used in a functioning appliance resonate

with those same substances within the body. When properly

used, the sympathetic vibration of the appliance has a balancing

and harmonizing effect on the body.

Typical Preventive Application

The appliance seems to work best if used for at least four days

a week. It can be used every day. In a typical preventive application,

the attachments for the appliance are rotated in a pattern

around the extremities of the body (wrist and ankle). A special

reading that describes the theory of the appliance describes the energy pattern as a figure eight associated

with the upper and lower hepatic circulation

of the liver and kidneys.

Cayce said that normal sleep tends to

balance this energy pattern which can become

distorted due to our daily activities.

He stated that the appliance accomplishes

the same balancing effect as normal sleep

and could be used as an aid to restore normal

sleep (see the companion article titled

“Restorative Sleep”).

You should remain attached to the appliance

for about an hour each session. It

is preferable to remain quiet, in a prayerful,

meditative and constructive attitude during

the time the appliance is attached;

while resting, or just before retiring at

night. Choose a relaxing setting such as a

bedroom or meditation area. A recliner

chair that adjusts to a horizontal position

can be very relaxing. Place the container

and appliance on the floor next to the bed

or recliner.

Many people prefer to play some calming

music during the session. A sixty minute

cassette tape or CD also helps to

define the length of the session. When

the music stops, the session is over.

Many music stores now contain one or

more departments featuring music for

meditation, relaxation (stress reduction),

“night music,” and so forth. After the session,

remove the appliance from the ice water

and dispose of the ice water.

Curative Applications

By varying the composition and position

of the plates and inserting a solution

jar into the circuit, the radial appliance can

also be used as a curative treatment for

serious conditions such as neurologic diseases.

This configuration resembles the

strictly curative format for the wet cell battery,

another of Cayce’s primary energy

medicine devices that is often confused

with the radial appliance. The difference is

that the radial appliance generates no energy

of its own – it merely utilizes the

body’s own energy. The wet cell is a

chemical battery that does generate a

small amount of measurable electricity.

Therefore the radial appliance is a

milder treatment that may be more appropriate

for children or elderly persons requiring

this simple regenerative