Technology and Stress- How to Prevent Technology From Taking Over Your Life

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1. 5-minute rule. How many times do we say, “This will only take 5 minutes” and it ends up taking 20 minutes, making you late for an appointment or client! Anytime you think that something will take you 5 minutes, add on 10-15 minutes.

2. Remember, the news will always be there. You don’t need to print out every article you find over the internet! There will ALWAYS be information out there, so try not to worry that if you throw out this article, all is lost. You can always conduct research at a later date. Avoid paper/clutter build up.

3. Find one planner that works for you. Don’t buy an electronic planner just because you think you should have one or because everyone else has one! If your thinking flows easily typing in a keyboard, you’re more likely to look for something through a word search than trying to remember where it is, and you don’t need a visual overview of a month or week to picture it, then you may prefer an Electronic planner.

If your thinking flows easiest when writing things down, you often remember where on a page you wrote something, and you enjoy writing things on paper, then you probably would work best with a Paper planner. Once you decide what type of planner is best for you, keep it with you at all times and write down your tasks, appointments, and to-do lists. A seemingly obvious tip but not obvious to everyone!