Golf is not a game. It’;s not a pastime, a hobby, a sport or a diversion. It’;s not even a profession. It’;s an obsession. Anyone who’;s gripped by the golf obsession knows how frustrating the game can be. Imagine slicing, missing shots, landing on the rough or in the water […]

Writing for EzineArticles brings me face-to-face with the realization of how much technology has advanced in my own lifetime – and that’;s just so far! I was born in 1961, so I reckon I’;m about half way through my life – oh yes, I do intend to become a centenarian! […]

Information Technology is one of the most in demand fields in the job market. While being in demand, it can also be very demanding of those who fill those roles. Stress in the IT field can be overwhelming for many who find that they are underpaid, understaffed, and not appreciated. […]