Many people who have long dreamed of being self-employed, or owning their own business, allow their desire to simply remain a dream. For each person, the reasons will differ, but at the core, for most people, is a belief that they would find not having a guaranteed income too stressful. […]

Physical Stress – this occurs when the body starts to suffer as a result of a stressful situation. Symptoms can come in a variety of ways and vary in its seriousness. The most common physical symptom is headaches. Stress causes people to unconsciously tense their neck, forehead and shoulder muscles. […]

Being an over the road driver is a job that many people enjoy. There are aspects about driving that aren’t so great such as being away from family, the high costs associated with driving, and the stress of driving. If you’re not handling the stress of the road too well, […]

“Do you want to be a lump of coal or do you want to be a diamond?” That’s the first question I ask to begin my stress management seminar called “A Diamond is Nothing More Than a Lump of Coal That Handled Stress Very Well.” We seem to have some […]

Stress is an enemy of your body. And if you are diabetic, then you better stay away from stress. Stress adversely affects various parts of your body. It may lead to coronary heart disease, even stroke, and worsen the metabolic problems in your body. It really is dangerous! Study On […]

There are ways that you can actually deal with the stress in your daily routine so that you can reduce the level and frequency of your back pains, and there are ways that you can also deal with your recurring back pains to help reduce the level of stress that […]

Do you think you’re suffering from stress? Well let me tell you now; you really don’t want to be. You might think there is nothing you can do about it, but there is and you must! Let me tell you why, or remind you if you’ve heard it before, because […]

Often it seems that stress begins the moment your eyes open in the morning. You start running through everything you have to do that day. If you live with a spouse or partner, there’s even more pressure. You have to interact with that other individual. Add children to the mix […]

At times, stress seems to be inevitable and this point is hard to miss especially during pregnancy. However, an expecting mother should avoid it as much as possible because during this time it will also be affecting the development of her child. Talk with Someone An expecting woman could experience […]