Anxiety is a common emotion like happiness, sadness and anger, however when anxiety becomes uncontrollable or excessive, it becomes a problem or disorder. Anxiety becomes uncomfortable when coupled with increased heart beat, increased blood pressure, too much fear and panic. Anxiety disorder is a mental state that can interfere with […]

No this is not related to praying, this is how your brain works. Looking up will reduce your stress…..immediately. Why, you may be asking? All types of stress, especially emotional stress, changes how you view life. When you are tired, rundown and generally stressed, life appears harder. Under stress, small […]

1. Plan your meal early. Since the meal is one of the most important things during the holiday season, planning what you will eat will give you the freedom to concentrate on other things. Just make a list of all the items you wish to have at the table and […]

Do you hear yourself say I do not have the time – to do all my job requires, spend quality time with the children, to relax with my partner, fix the car, weed the flower bed and mow the lawn, etc. Feeling under pressure most of the time is not […]

Sam was driving home from work. The same old tapes were playing in his head. How much he hated his job, how overworked he was, and how he could not stand this commute one more day. Traffic started to back up and Sam could feel his blood start to boil. […]

Stress is one challenge which can be experienced by everyone in the world, but there’;s varying amounts that we all can be affected from stress, starting from very controllable to something abnormal. When it comes to extreme occurrences, an easy stress relief exercise is usually necessary that can help overcome […]

Have you ever thought of setting up a Zen Garden? How do you do it? Will it relieve you from stress? In order to find the answers, read on. So how do you set up a Zen garden? Make a list of the flowers you would like in your garden. […]