As a general rule we all face much more demanding daily lives. The working day is getting longer and longer, and more of us are required to work longer hours or even get second jobs to pay for mortgages and other bills. As such, we find it difficult to give […]

The workplace is a very demanding environment, especially if you are already a boss who makes a lot of decisions for the company everyday. And the demands of work can lead to stressful situations. And too much stress can lead to health problems, job dissatisfaction, low productivity, low focus, less […]

There are many techniques in achieving maximum relaxation. These techniques can lessen stress, and help you fully enjoy your life even when you are ill. Relaxation techniques are a great form of stress management. One advantage of it is that it reduces stress on your body and mind. It helps […]

According to The American Institute of Stress, the definition of stress is subjective and varies from person to person. Therefore, finding ways to combat stress can be just as various. Below you will find several relaxation techniques that only take minutes to help combat the stressful times of our current […]

Tied up in knots? Stressed to the max? Ready to scream with frustration? If these questions all get a resonating "yes" from you, then you had better do something to relax and unwind today before your body takes the choice away from you and collapses from the strain its under. […]

The pace of life is very fast today. So no wonder that there have appeared many new diseases that did not even exist on such a large scale in the previous centuries. They are various stresses, panic disorder, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. The problem of panic attacks is very […]

There are numerous relaxation methods out there. But where exactly do you apply these techniques? In what sequence? In this article, I give you a very simple and direct method of relaxing down the body. If you have never done this before, I encourage you to try it right now. […]

I’;m sure you have heard of the many ways to overcome panic attacks such as through medications, therapies, herbs and other ways. But did you know that certain relaxation techniques and controlled breathing techniques can play a big part in overcoming these attacks? Lets start with what these attacks are. […]