Acute stress is a good type of anxiety. We all experience it at some point. Acute stress is a short term “fight or flight” reaction where the body experiences an extreme hormonal shock to the body in response to a perceived threat. When the perceived threat is over, the anxiety […]

People react differently when they are diagnosed with chronic Epstein Barr virus disease. Some people get depressed whilst others remain positive and hopeful. In fact, some people find that EBV disease helps them grow emotionally, making them stronger, more tolerant, and more understanding. Here’;s some approaches that may help you […]

The constant pressure of anxiety is the feeling of not being in control of your environment. This removes the safety net of security because you believe that you are constantly in danger. The danger-feeling that you experience can be either physical danger or emotional danger, such as in the case […]

If you suffer from chronic tension headaches, back pain or neck pain, you’;re probably aware that poor posture was at least partially responsible. However, did you know the way you sit may have had more to do with your pain than the way you stand? If you’;re like most Americans, […]

Up until recently (last couple of centuries of mainly), people often did not have to deal with stress on a daily basis. Back before civilization was much more advanced, stress came very infrequently and in brief spurts (such as a fight or flight response when attacked). Today though, stress is […]

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