Great amounts of change in organizations, such as downsizing, reengineering, restructuring and reorganization, have occurred in recent years. These changes bring about anxiety for employees, although over the years they have become as comfortable as possible with these changes and their anxieties. Change is very much a part of our […]

Any system change from “status quo” can cause anxiety people belonging to the system – family, team, business unit, or organization. The more complex the system and the more unexpected the change is, the more anxiety, fears, and underlying feelings the members of the system experience. Consider change in an […]

Bulimia treatment programs, if they’;re to be successful, involve an overhaul of your internal and external environments. By external environment I mean your physical surroundings, the people you come into contact with and the things you let into your attention (TV, magazines, internet). By internal environment I am referring to […]

Before embarking on any organizational change management plan, get clear as to what you want to accomplish by asking these questions: 1.) What do we want to achieve as a result of the change? 2.) Who does the change affect? 3.) How will they react to the change? 4.) What […]

For people suffering from anxiety attack, they know how hard it is to control once it has already set in. Not only that, one can feel physical restraints such as dizziness, palm sweating, uneasiness, and lumps in the throat. Now, having these symptoms, you might ask how can you relieve […]

We all experience stress in our lives for various reasons, some more than others. Stress is a part of the human condition, and there is no getting away from it. Here are some tips to help you reduce stress as you change your thinking. It is easy to worry unnecessarily […]

Why do we resist change? As the saying goes, the only people who like change are busy cashiers and wet babies. We find change disorienting, creating within us an anxiety similar to culture shock, the unease visitors to an alien land feel because of the absence of the familiar cues […]

If you are on a quest to finding a natural anxiety treatment, you first need to be aware of what contributes to your anxiety and what perpetuates it. Individuals who suffer from anxiety often share common character traits, some are positive and some are less desirable. Some of these traits […]