If there is one medical condition which is a normal part of life then it would be the stress that most modern people are facing. Nonetheless, people should not forever deal with this othersome condition because there are effective ways to manage stress. All that you have to do is […]

Knee pain, problems and injuries make up a significant amount of the cases that we see in the clinic these days. Arthroscopes and knee displacements are some of the most common surgeries performed today. Yet in many ways our lifestyle today is less active and gentler on our knees than […]

When it comes to hemorrhoids; if often helps best to treat it from the root. The use of creams, suppositories or even laser surgery often only provide relief for a short while, if not treated from the root; hemorrhoids often come back and you just have to go through the […]

In this world so full of its wonders and cares very little space is left for a person to actually relax and soak in the pleasures of this life. In short life has become too fast paced, so much to get done in such little time. Stress has varying degrees […]

Which is the noisiest species of all? Nope, not the lions, or the elephants, or the geese… it’s us, humans. Our voices were not enough, we started making music and creating musical instruments to help us being louder. This Holiday season will not only be noisy, this year we’re starting […]

I am often asked to examine an ear that has been hurting several days and is slowly getting worse. Usually there has not been any fever, no cold symptoms and no recent water in the ear. Many times the examination of the ear is normal. The only positive finding is […]

Having an earache is no picnic and even though most individuals experience them rather frequently as babies or toddlers, when adults get them they can tend to be somewhat unbearable. Any parent knows many little ones get them as a result of drinking bottles or Sippy cups while lying down […]