When we think about stress in the workplace, we usually refer to ulcers or heart conditions, but stress has a much broader impact. It is known that stress is linked to cancer, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, immunity to common illnesses, back problems, and many other medical problems. It […]

When you run your own business staff are usually one of the main overheads that need to be considered. Whilst it may be possible to pare those costs significantly, there could well be ways to improve how you take care of the people in your business and improve your efficiency. […]

It’;s a Fallacy That Threats Improve Employee Productivity A chain of waxing salons developers employee requirements to sell an almost impossible amount of products to customers and to wax an almost impossible number of customers per day. This puts employees under high stress to meet requirements that are unreasonable. In […]

What is Massage? Massage is a relaxation treatment which includes a variety of gliding, kneading, smooth strokes and other movements on the exterior layer of the muscles in order to release muscle tension and pain. It also improves blood circulation by bringing in oxygen and some other nutrients to the […]