With our busy daily routines, anxiety is a main health problem of most of us. Although some are used to take medicine as a solution to that problem, some are searching natural ways to get rid of anxiety. These natural methods are better than artificial pills because they never have […]

I’;m sure you have heard of the many ways to overcome panic attacks such as through medications, therapies, herbs and other ways. But did you know that certain relaxation techniques and controlled breathing techniques can play a big part in overcoming these attacks? Lets start with what these attacks are. […]

Anxiety attacks symptoms vary but one thing is for sure, the best treatment for anxiety is proper breathing techniques. The simple truth is that when you become stressed and anxious, your breathing becomes shallow. This leads to less oxygen intake into the body and mind. And because of this your […]

Stress is a part of every day life. All of us feel stress but each of us acts in a different way to stressors. For example, what may be stressful to one person may be like water off a duck’;s back to another. Thus stress can be defined as a […]

Which animal lives longer … an elephant or a dog? This may seem like a silly question but scientists have been observing animals and their behavior in order to draw parallels to humans for hundreds of years. An elephant can live as long as 70 years old. The average life […]

Do you ever wish you could really relax for just a few minutes at work? Deep breathing for relaxation will give you a method to let go of stress anytime, day or night. If you can get just 5 minutes of breathing for relaxation at work you can completely re-energize […]

Stress is one of the biggest problems in today’s society, because it causes numerous health problems and leads to premature deterioration in virtually every part of your body. Having a high stress level can also derail even a great exercise and nutrition program and leave you with little to show […]