Stress has become a pervasive "lifestyle disease" In an increasingly busy world moving at a dizzying pace, new research shows almost half of Americans now suffer adverse health effects from stress. These health problems include hypertension, anxiety or depression (two sides of a single coin), insomnia, and obesity. To relieve […]

There she goes again! Your best friend has been humming that peculiar song for the past week and she does not seem to get enough of it! The neighbors have started recognizing her by the song she hums all the time. Sometimes it drives you crazy, but at other occasions […]

LEARN HOW TO DO BREATH AWARENESS Breath awareness is a simple technique, but only through repetition of practice and intensity of experience can you affect real inner change. Practicing this technique can restructure the brain, trigger physiological processes to enhance health, and develop a mind capable of experiencing happiness and […]

Breathing is an involuntary activity. As soon as you were born, you knew how to breathe without anyone teaching you. When you were a baby, even when you did not have conscious muscle control, you breathed. The way we breathe determines how much oxygen our blood transports to our tissues […]