Stress is an entity belonging to the mental realm, whereas, high blood pressure is an entity belonging to the physical dominion. How could these two conditions interconnect with each other? Stress, on one hand, is the physiological (normal) response to daily activities or to external or internal stimulus that trigger […]

Today Blood pressure is a common disease in human life. And it is not restricted to rich persons only, any person can suffer from the B.P.. B.P. is of two types 1) High blood pressure Also Known As Hypertension: It is the state in which Pressure of blood goes beyond […]

There is a link between high blood pressure and anxiety. When we feel anxious one of our body’s natural responses is to raise blood pressure. While this temporary spike in blood pressure is normal and usually not dangerous, anxiety can become a problem if it affects our lifestyle choices or […]

High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, stroke, and death. You should have your pressure checked by a doctor on a regular basis. If the doctor prescribes medication, you should take it as prescribed. The main reason for having this checked by a doctor is that there are very […]

You may have heard about lowering high blood pressure by practicing exercises such as swimming, stair climbing, and other aerobic activities. But what about 3 easy exercises without you having to break a sweat? Yes, those 3 exercises exist. In fact, people have been able to cure their hypertensive naturally […]

Most people would assume that Type A personalities would suffer from high blood pressure due to their promlivity to take on great amounts of stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, being highly competitive, pessimistic, and maintaining high levels of stress can have bad consequences. There are definite links between high […]

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