Panic attacks transform themselves in many ways. Panic attacks can become apparent in the way a person carries himself, or can become visible in their mood with other people. These manifestations can play havoc with the life of a person. Panic attacks can affect their health, social, domestic and professional […]

Helping professionals have a high risk of burnout. This is due to the intensity, significant responsibility, lack of control and decision making powers, and a culture that has unrealistic expectations of nurturing and self-sacrifice from helpers. Burnout is defined as physical and emotion depletion caused by an intense involvement in […]

Beating quick ejaculation is something that can be accomplished fairly easily with real world, permanent results. Rather than resort to quick fix solutions, such as questionable pills and stupid numbing creams, one can learn to beat quick ejaculation with a three prong approach. 1. Relaxation Techniques – I know, the […]

The body’s natural flight or fight response to stress is designed to protect vital functions from attack until the threat is gone. It does this by pumping hormones into the blood stream, mainly cortisol. The boost in cortisol helps to heighten your alertness and shift energy to essential bodily functions, […]

Let’;s face it, school is stressful. There is just no way to study and prepare and do all the things you need to do, and not feel it sometimes. Students of every age, all the way from little kids in kindergarten to middle-aged people getting Masters Degrees suffer from some […]