Work / life balance is defined as satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict. It is large associated with matters of employee’;s productivity, performance and job satisfaction. Work / life imbalance has serious costs for employees, the organization, and society. Employees suffer […]

I want to write just a little bit about "tumultuous times" and then more about "finding your balance." An important part of "balance" for me is keeping the balance of the quality and quantity of my attention to subjects. So, I give less attention to "tumultuous times" and more to […]

Stress can be damaging to all aspects of your life. It can make you irritable, unproductive, and even give you health problems later on in life. People have been learning how to deal with stress for decades now, and they’;ve compiled all of their tips into a variety of guides […]

Many businesses still feel apprehensive about allowing its employees to adopt flexible work arrangements to manage their work and life together. It is because businesses are linking ‘;Work-Life Balance’; with ‘;work-less’; pattern that is not acceptable in any given terms. However, the situation is little different and better for employers […]

Genuine enthusiasm … a real feeling of accomplishment … a sense of satisfaction and fun. That’;s what happens when you playfully practice life balance. How can you do that? Easy … play with 3 simple practices to see how they work for you. Remember this is practice, not perfection! So […]

We are all exposed to stress at various stages of our lives these days. It’s become a fact of life. We talk about the reasons for our stress and we discuss various ways to alleviate it quite often, but how often do you talk about how it can upset the […]