A recent visitor to a blog I work on sent in an email with a subject headline that read “My Painful External Hemorrhoid Nightmare Story” that was really open and honest. I responded after reading it to ask if it would be okay to write an article based on what […]

It is quite natural for everyone to feel anxious at some time in their life. Whether it is before a big meeting, before the wedding, or even if it is before going out of the front door, anxiety and panic attacks are a part of life. Anxiety from sudden exposure […]

Emotions play a large role in one’s well being That means that negative emotions like anxiety, despair, grief and sorrow make the individual susceptible to illness and diseases. They do not directly cause illness and disease, but for what they do to the body (such as lowering the body’s immune […]

Has this been a challenging year for you? Have you suffered your first panic attack? It has been a year of extremes: extremes in weather, extremes in politics, extremes in the financial markets! Every day frightening revelations about our air, water, and food are reported that increase our fears about […]

Everyone has heard of an anxiety or panic attack. Some people are more predisposed to having them and are not even aware that what they are feeling is caused by anxiety, panic or stress. There are times when we are so anxious, or stressed out that physical symptoms are actually […]

If you are frequently experiencing anxiety attacks, you may already have a condition known as Panic disorder. With this condition, you may experience various psychological and physical symptoms that are intensified with fear. This condition is caused by uncontrolled anxiety and stress. Some physical symptoms you may experience are palpitations, […]

I’;m sure you have heard of the many ways to overcome panic attacks such as through medications, therapies, herbs and other ways. But did you know that certain relaxation techniques and controlled breathing techniques can play a big part in overcoming these attacks? Lets start with what these attacks are. […]

It is undoubtedly extremely frightening to suffer from an anxiety attack but the best thing that one can do is remember that there attacks can not kill anyone. Anxiety attacks are normal exaggerations of the reactions of the body to certain stimuli and can be controlled through proper training. Coping […]

If you or someone you know is suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, then this article about panic attacks self help treatments. This will provide you some useful information on the treatments available that you can choose from. Medication and drugs The first treatment that I’;d want to bring up […]