Anxiety is a common emotion like happiness, sadness and anger, however when anxiety becomes uncontrollable or excessive, it becomes a problem or disorder. Anxiety becomes uncomfortable when coupled with increased heart beat, increased blood pressure, too much fear and panic. Anxiety disorder is a mental state that can interfere with […]

Do you experience unnecessary fears with raging heartbeat and/or difficult breathing? Are you daydreaming or imagining something catastrophic to happen, have scary thoughts like seizure, heart attack? Are you often worried about your own or loved one’ death or feel an impending sense of doom? Getting into panic whenever faced […]

Anxiety, by definition, is having a fear or phobia of the outcome and result of a situation. It is impossible for a happy and cheerful person to have anxiety. While the human mind is an amazing mechanism, it cannot consciously focus on two sources of stimulus at the exact same […]

The pace of life is very fast today. So no wonder that there have appeared many new diseases that did not even exist on such a large scale in the previous centuries. They are various stresses, panic disorder, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. The problem of panic attacks is very […]

The success rate of treating panic attacks can be very high with the proper treatment. Typically, the combination of psychotherapy and medications remains the most successful way of treating the condition. In most of the milder cases, psychotherapy, without the aid of medications, can suffice as treatment for these attacks. […]

Many people often have difficulties when dealing with anxiety. The following are the best anxiety attack help that you can try whenever you have this problem. 1. Try herbal medicines Many people often do not know that Chamomile tea is one of the best herbal medicines that you can use […]

Have you ever felt so stressed with your business that you seriously thought you were having a panic attack? As a business coach, I see and hear this a lot, particularly with new entrepreneurs. The stress builds and builds and builds. I really do believe that some entrepreneurs do experience […]

People often experience anxiety before any performance, meeting an office or school deadline and during important events when there is pressure and stress. It can happen any time but most often, you understand the causes of your anxiety. What can be unnerving is when you suddenly get the feeling but […]

Those who suffer from anxiety are often sleep deprived and feel on edge constantly. Irritability is another symptom. Feelings of uneasiness and terror will creep in, the symptoms will become exaggerated and a panic attack will occur. With anxiety and panic attack one will often try to anticipate an episode […]

Panic attacks can happen at any moment. They are often triggered by events which can lead one to undergo several emotional stress. It is normal to find people hyperventilating or having shortness of breath during an attack. When this happens, a common home remedy is to let the person breathe […]