The range of crystals that can be used for healing is huge but when it comes to conditions such as anxiety and stress there are some that are more preferred than others. So if you are shopping for stones to help you with these conditions you might want to check […]

Does your workplace give you stress? No doubt, in the age of day-by-day increasing mental stress people suffer from frustrations, anxiety, short-term memory loss and many other brain diseases. It is common in today’;s life. To overcome such problem, most of the people go for the anti-inflammatory drugs, which make […]

Dogs with their undulating love and the sparkle in those eyes definitely power your day. But, have you ever come across a situation that your dog suddenly starts behaving in abnormal way. Among the many stress faced by a furry pal, separation anxiety is one that most dogs incline to […]

Are you struggling with anxiety related issues? While there are many potential causes, anxiety is something that we "create" in our minds by the way we (subc consciously) control and direct our minds. Learning to take back control of your thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can […]

Most people have heard the word, "biofeedback." Yet, many do not have any idea what it is, why we need to know about, and what it can do them them. With biofeedback, you are measuring something from your body such as your heart rate and sending the data to be […]

There is a link between high blood pressure and anxiety. When we feel anxious one of our body’s natural responses is to raise blood pressure. While this temporary spike in blood pressure is normal and usually not dangerous, anxiety can become a problem if it affects our lifestyle choices or […]

It is normal to have anxiety as it affects everyone but it affects twice as many women as men. You would suddenly worry about your current relationship, your future and what you have to do the next day in no particular order. It is also possible you would worry about […]