Are you swamped with stress? Does corporate management keep raising the amount you need to sell each year? Is there not enough money at the end of the month? Are you worried about your children’s university tuition? Has your belt gotten tighter or your waist line expanded? Do you look […]

The United Nations declares workplace stress to be a worldwide epidemic. In the United States alone, forty-six percent of workers report that their job is very stressful. This adds up to a million stress related workplace absences each day. Individual stress control techniques are important. Meditation, soothing music, biofeedback, and […]

Is there really a way to manage your anxiety? The answer is yes. I know of many little nick knacks that can lessen the severity and reduce the amount of attacks and decrease how often they happen. But honestly do you really want to learn to “manage” your attacks? I’ve […]

How ‘good’ are you at making new friends. Recent research has discovered that many of us (49%) are simply too busy to think about making the effort required to establish a new friendship with all that it entails. 63% say that work takes up too much of their time, whilst […]

Dr. Hari Om is energetic, logical and multanimus. When he came to the capital city Lucknow as one of the election observers appointed by the Election Commission to monitor the Assembly elections, he had never thought that he would get a stage to showcase his talent as an Artist in […]

One of the more typical symptoms of the menopause is a persistent ongoing feeling of exhaustion and fatigue – mental and physical. How exhaustion and fatigue affected my hair? Feeling exhausted can be draining, yet when hair loss follows it, the combined symptoms are upsetting. I was diagnosed with Adrenal […]