Panic attacks are often unpredictable and can be a scary experience. Many people who experienced panic attacks had thoughts that they were about to die or that they are experiencing a heart attack. It can stem from deeply ingrained problems that had long stayed in us emotionally and mentally that, […]

Alternative therapy solutions are becoming more and more popular. Many people are getting away from the medical model because the solution so often involves drugs as the mode of treatment. People are beginning to seek alternative therapies looking towards natural products, chiropractics and osteopathy, yoga, homeopathy treatments, deep breathing, traditional […]

Many people, diagnosed with Graves’ Disease or hyperthyroidism, are either disappointed or unhappy for one or another reason by the conventional medicine treatment approaches. They vigorously search the Internet for complementary and alternative techniques that may help them deal with the above autoimmune disorder and its symptoms. The usefulness and […]

Helping someone cope with the stress and anxiety that comes with a prognosis of prostate cancer can be hard. That’s why there are some types of alternative prostate cancer treatment designed to help the patient learn to do activities that can help him cope. There are a variety of therapies […]

Aside from diet and medication there are a number of alternative treatments for diabetes. While diet and exercise must always be a part of any diabetes program with the ultimate goal of recovering your health there are other treatments than can help you along the way to keep your blood […]

Nettle shampoo is fast becoming an alternative choice for treating hair loss problems. Sometimes people may reach a point when they have had it with a specific hair loss treatment that brings no result even after more than a year of use. Experts have advised that when one is under […]

There are many options for alternative cancer treatment. All are designed to reduce or help control cancer and provide for the well being of the patient. Cancer affects the body and can cause anxiety, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, chronic pain, sleep problems, and stress. The following is a guide recommending alternative […]

One of the biggest health concerns American adults face is stress. There’s tons of research available that shows how damaging stress can be for your physical and mental health. Using stress management techniques is key to reducing your chances of developing ailments, such as depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. […]