If you are frequently experiencing anxiety attacks, you may already have a condition known as Panic disorder. With this condition, you may experience various psychological and physical symptoms that are intensified with fear. This condition is caused by uncontrolled anxiety and stress. Some physical symptoms you may experience are palpitations, […]

Agoraphobia is a serious condition, defined as a fear of being somewhere where you will feel helpless. Agoraphobia can mean you are afraid to leave your house, or be in large crowds such as a shopping center. This can be a crippling side effect for someone suffering from an anxiety […]

Finding an agoraphobia treatment is not difficult as there are many treatment centers available to help you. There is no specific diagnosis of agoraphobia and the condition is only dramatically diagnosed when treatment is thought for another condition and not as the primary mental health concern. Diagnosing Agoraphobia Many seek […]

I. Know Your Enemy Phobias are an extreme form of anxiety. The better informed you are about anxiety in general and agoraphobia in particular, the better you’;ll be able to cope with your symptoms. The first thing to realize is that anxiety is normal and actually serves a useful purpose. […]