Stress is the spice of life not a disease that everybody must live with. While it is true that chronic and excessive stress can destroy your joy and peace, well managed stress can challenge and toughen you for major accomplishment. Like fire, stress can be very beneficial and a key […]

A while back, I was in a minor fender-bender accident, and as the police officer filled out the report, I gave him my business card with my name and phone number. When he saw "stress management" listed he said, "We’;ve got to talk!" That’;s most people’;s reaction when they find […]

Stress doesn’t “just happen” to anyone. It isn’t an event that occurs outside the individual. It is an internal process, and, like all internal processes, stress begins in our mind. How can you harness the power of your mind to keep stress from leading to distress? It all begins with […]