Sweating it Out Can Also Be a Very Good Stress Management Technique

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Stress appears to be a part of life. The irate boss breathing down your neck, the deadlines that make a whooshing sounds as they past, and concerns about money and difficulty achieving work life balance.

All of these things can cause stress in your life. While some stress can be good in our lives – it can motivate us and push us to our potential, too much stress for too long can actually rob us of our enjoyment, reduce productivity and lead to disease.

This makes “taking control of stress” an important priority for you, your family, and your workplace. There are plenty of stress management techniques that you can use to reduce stress. You can use relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training. Meditation techniques and breathing techniques have also been shown to activate the relaxation response and create a mind-body harmony.

But sweating it out can also be a very good stress management technique. There are many benefits of exercise that extend beyond managing stress to better self image, health and increased longevitiy – but lets just stay on exercise and stress relief.

Stress provides an outlet for your fight and flight response. Each time you get stressed, whether it is a traffic jam, concerns about money or a relationship crises, your body activates the fight or flight response. While this stress response may have served a purpose fleeing from saber-tooth tiger or some other form of life-threatening stressor, it is hardly appropriate to fight or flee from a traffic jam or money concerns or many of today’s more common stressors.

This can mean that your body can increase in overall muscle tension (a common symptom of stress) and accumulated stress products. With no outlet for your stress these conditions can become chronic!

Exercise provides an outlet for this stress. Exercise relaxes the muscles and rids the body of these excess stress products. However, exercise also provides a distraction from your worries and an opportunity for social interaction – which is a known mediator of stress.

These are a couple of the many benefits of exercise. Now that you know the advantages of exercise for stress relief all you need to do is to set up an adequate exercise routine that is appropriate for you.