Stressed Executives – Overcome Anxiety and Keep Your Heart Ticking!

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Workplace managers need to discover how to overcome anxiety, as more and more stressed executives, face potential heart problems. This is due to job uncertainty, tight deadlines, excessive working hours and unreasonable workloads.

According to various studies in America, higher workplace-stress levels have been proven to be associated with increased rates of heart attack and hypertension and have also been linked to nervousness, anxiety and depression.

The American Institute of Stress Cites that, it is so well-accepted in New York and Los Angeles that, police officers who suffer a heart attack on or off duty, are assumed to have a work-related injury and are compensated accordingly (including a heart attack sustained while fishing on vacation or gambling in Las Vegas!).

It is believed that, we have learnt to respond with anxiety to situations. Whilst that makes sense, our response also depends on what kind of person we are and the type of environment we find ourselves in. Both of the former aspects contribute to our stress levels in many ways.

If we are a very sensitive person, who likes peace and calm and find ourselves working in a chaotic, noisy place then this may affect us. We have different personalities and tolerance levels.

Firstly, learning to overcome anxiety involves consciously aware of, what type of person we are and what type of environment is conducive to our peace of mind.

Secondly, recognizing and acknowledging when we are anxious, and taking action to help ourselves is a sign of strength, not of weakness.

Here are some early warning signs of stress:

1. headaches

2. Difficulty sleeping

3. Difficulty concentrating

4. irritability and anger

5. becoming withdrawn

6. upset stomach

7. low morale

8. nail biting

9. weight loss or weight gain

10. feeling powerless to change anything

11. Turning to food, alcohol, drugs or caffeine as an escape

12. chronic fatigue

13. cravings for sugar and chocolate

14. excess energy, can not relax

15. heart palpitations, shortness of breath

We need to stop, sit down, and identify how we are feeling, what is creating the problem and what we want to do about it, before it is too late and the decision has been made unconsciously.

It is vital to make a conscious effort to recognize the triggers and excess anxiety quickly, so that you do not internalize it, where it can play havoc with your body.

Is the job more important than your health? If you die of a heart attack, you will be replaced at work but your family, your life and your heart can not be replaced.

Make a conscious decision to enhance anxiety and live a long and fruitful life.