Stress Relief: Transcending Mind and the World of Duality

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Stress relief is only possible when we transcend mind from the world of duality. They are I-others, likes-dislikes, white-black, good-bad, pleasure-pain, victory-defeat, allies-enemies etc.

We have to get out of this duality. Let us go beyond this and be natural. This duality is the culprit. We must abandon it from our life to be happy and stress free.

You may think you are not like this and that you are always objective or positive etc.

STOP. This is rubbish.

Think some one said to you “Oh! such a cute dress” or “You are effective, you did it very well” and you thanked them but you also thought “How this gal says this she is always jealous of me”.

Think of this.

Think when did you praise some one for any thing in this last two to three days. Say you must have congratulated your co-worker. Or you have given reason for not doing what you were asked or suppose to do. Say you forget to bring groceries your spouse asked while on the way home. Or you gave update to your project.

Think deeply about these. Did you really say what you really thought or was the fact. Be honest.

1. A rare response would be “Honey I forgot and sorry for that I will take care of it tomorrow”. 2. Majority would think of a gazillion things about their co-worker which is totally unnecessary. For example “They are stupid”, “She is favorite of boss” And also think “I don’t want to do such, no one appreciate here”. 3. If you had spoken truth about your project update you would have saved your boss and yourself of lot of stress.

I am giving you just idea how we normally are. We are dual. We think different and we say different and we act different. Well the world is funny. We believe our self smart or practical. This is anything but natural and we have to be natural self to be happy and stress free.

The mind has three capacities

1. The negative mind: judges, calculates, thinks defensively and predicts failure. 2. The positive mind: sees opportunities, thinks optimistically and benevolently. Think also of success. 3. The neutral mind: a conscious mind sees the highest good. Sees win-win situation and is aligned with the universal good and accept all that life delivers.

The positive and negative minds operate in duality. They try to fulfill desires. They resist submission to circumstances and authority. They attempt to control with insecurity and ego.

The neutral mind is guided by consciousness, selflessness and intelligence. It identifies with divine will and produces positive achievement.

There are two ways of living. You have a choice.

They are the way of worry and the way of relaxation. When you worry you aspire for results. But if you go the way of relaxation you tune your mind toward universal good or be neutral and non judgmental.

Attitude of a Neutral mind

1. Trust: Go beyond doubts and beliefs and trust yourself and God. Believe in power beyond yourself and identify with it. When you do this you are not responsible for the world. 2. Acceptance: Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. Welcome challenges and difficulties. Enjoy the indicated activity. You will grow in each situation. Life is on balance accept it all. 3. Gratitude: Attitude of gratitude for all that is produces a state of joy and grace. Thanks for the air we breath and the body we live in. Enjoy who you are and what you do. 4. Non-judgment: Giving up judgment reduces stress and promotes humility. By evaluating and determining everything we assume power, which we do not have.

Attitude like acceptance, gratitude, non-judgment, trust, unconditional love, non-attachment etc creates and attracts desirable relationships, events and conditions.

This is the way of life. It is relaxing, pleasant and effective. You choose one of the above. Practice daily and integrate it in your routine for a week than a month. Choose one at a time and they will slowly become second nature.

I can help you.