Stress Relief – 6 Steps To Reduce Stress and Improve Well-Being

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You are faced with finding ways to reducing stress between you and your spouse during these challenging economic times. You have been at each other’s throats, panicking about where to find work and keep the bills paid. Reducing your stress will help keep you well. What can you do to feel stress relief? Imagine what you CAN do and stay focused on that following these simple tips.

1- Write a list of ideas about which the two of you disagree. These concepts can be anything at all, but the most pressing ones may be financially based. Whatever seems to feel most threatening, write it on a list.

2- Write the reasons you are disagreeing about each individual challenge on the list. Clearly understand what is a conflict for each of you. The clearer you understand the conflict details, the more effectively you can resolve the conflict and reduce stress.

3- Before you get into another argument, commit to remembering that you love one another. Go back in time when both of you were first gaga over each other. With that euphoric love feeling about each other, forgive, compromise and find a solution that works for both of you.

4- When you clearly write out solutions and remember you love each other, see how much easier conflict resolution is between the two of you. Remember, the two of you got together for a reason. Get back to feeling those love feelings toward each other from yesteryear and find a way to get through these current challenges.

5- Give yourself credit for improving the situation, even a little bit. Disclaiming your efforts or your spouse’s efforts at improving the situation may result in another disagreement. Stick together to the end. Families that made it through The Great Depression did so by remembering to love one another and find ways to just deal with the challenges.

6- At the end of the day, look at all you have accomplished. It is easy for anyone to complain. But, when you consciously LOOK for the good and feel grateful for what you’ve got, stress reduction is easier. Commit to feeling good about you and what you are doing. This helps everyone feel good. By choosing to think and say uplifting, encouraging remarks, you gratify your efforts from within. Most people feel happy rather than regretful by saying kind words. Intentionally being kind and generous, you’ll actually reduce your stress. You’ll feel less tense. Less tension on the physical body equates to feeling good with less stress.