Stress Meditation – Hypnosis in Curing Stress

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People try out different things just to tie themselves of stress. Relaxation practices have become very popular, which is partly due to the fact that the simplest stress relieving techniques are almost always related to relaxation. Listening to music, going to the great outdoors and looking at the natural beauty of nature, picking up a hobby, taking breaks at work, going for a drive, getting a massage, and similar activities easily bringing in the state of relaxation that a stressed person needs. But relaxation practices do not remain simple. There are more "advanced" methods with better efficiencies when it comes to busting stress.

Meditation has come a long way from its origins. It is believed to have been extracted out of yoga – a spiritual practice that originated from India over 5000 years ago. While meditation is exhausted in other eastern cultures, it is strongly associated with yoga due to the postures and breathing techniques involved. Along with yoga, meditation has been adapted in the western world as a relaxation practice instead of a spiritual practice. Westerners saw the opportunity, and began promoting the practice of meditation to relieve stress. Today, meditation is arguably the most popular form of relaxation technique in the battle against stress.

Hypnosis is often known as a means to get girls. Surf the web and you’;ll see that hypnosis is used for by men in "adult" affairs – probably inspired by how the fictional vampire Dracula seduced women before biting their necks. The truth about hypnosis is not well known to most people, as they believe that hypnosis can turn you into a mindless follower of the hypnotist. Either that or it is used to brainwash someone. While in essence, those are true, what people fear about hypnosis is a mere exaggeration of its true nature.

Hypnosis can change your behavior, but it can only be done if you have consciously decided you want to do so. Unless you seriously considered clucking like a chicken, no one can make you do so even if you have already been hypnotized. While under hypnosis, your openness to suggestibility is increased, so you can change your outlook. If you have decided on quitting smoking, you’;ll snap out of the trance thinking "Smoking is bad", or somewhere along those lines.

So what can both of these methods do for stress? Meditation, hypnosis, or combination combination both, can change your life; promote well being. When you get into that trance, your muscles also relax and it gives you an overall feeling of relaxation. While meditation can take some time to learn all the skills, and self-hypnosis some time to master, the effects are undeniably worth it. Try one out, do both, it’;s your call. You’;ll be able to beat stress whichever you pick.