Stress Management: How To Eliminate Stress And Feel Whole Again

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If you struggle with feeling motivated, happy, successful and find yourself procrastinating with important and meaningful tasks, then you are more than likely dealing with some level of stress.

Let’;s clarify the two categories of stress. If you have a project you are passionate about to complete, then you will experience positive stress which is stimulating and exciting. It could be reaching a weight loss goal, a spiritual goal, a business goal or a fitness goal. The other category of stress is fear and trauma induced. It is backed by heavy emotions, thoughts and beliefs that attract stress situations. Every negative experience in some way reflects a deep and typically unconscious belief that we deserve to receive certain stress situations.

These beliefs can be formed in childhood, after certain traumatic experiences and can also be held in the DNA and cellular memory of your genetic makeup.

There are many tips to dealing with stress like deep breathing, yoga, meditating and so on.

In this article I am suggesting that in order to eliminate stress you must first eliminate, change, resolve and release the attachment to beliefs and patterns which create stress in the first place. Our reactions and responses stem from beliefs and when we change our beliefs to healthy supporting thoughts, then our reactions change.

When something stressful happens, our emotional triggers light up. They say "Hey, this does not feel good and it reminds me of_______. This is stressful now and I do not want this." So our reactions then turn into defenses which only embed the pattern even more.

Instead, let’;s focus on releasing the emotional and energetic patterns associated with those triggers. Go to the root of the issue first.

Here is one powerful exercise that you can start practicing every day, to help you release the energetic imprint of the root causes to your stress.

Look into your eyes in the mirror and take a deep breath. Then look into your left eye. Really connect with yourself. When you look into your left eye, you create a bonding experience with yourself where the pineal and pituitary gland make an energetic connection. Then say to yourself "I allow myself to let go and release any and all pain, sadness, anger, resentment (say the words that are right for you) to the light. which is causing you stress) with the emotion you prefer such happiness, calm, peace, confidence, security, etc.)

Do this entire exercise while looking into your left eye.

Then look into your right eye and say "I am complete and whole. I am perfect just as I was created. I am peace and calm.

Breathe and take it in.

Do this every day when you feel good and when you are having moments that do not feel good.

Over time you will begin to see a difference in how you feel about yourself and how you respond to stressful situations. You may feel inspired to make changes that will support you in love and light. You may feel more grounded and present with yourself which will then show up in your relationships.

Start this habit of showing up for yourself so that the rest of the world can show up for you in the same loving way.