Spotting The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause

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Before entering the menopausal stage, there are various symptoms that a woman may experience. This transition in a woman’s life may be experienced when she reaches 40 years old and above. However, there are cases wherein one may experience it even before the age of 40 and this is due to some reasons.

One of the most common symptoms of an upcoming menopause is the missed menstrual period. This is greatly affected by the hormonal imbalance which causes the ovaries to stop producing eggs to be ovulated during menstrual cycle. Estrogen level drops down during this phase of a woman’s life resulting to many unexpected changes.

In the early stage of menopause, a female may experience a heavy bleeding during her period or a light one. She may also experience a very early menstrual period rather than the usual or a very late one. These changes may cause also to the changes of the pre menstrual syndrome and other effects. One may observe some alteration of the regularity of PMS and the like. She may experience severe menstrual cramps and other effects.

Changes in the attitude and severe exhaustion are several of the symptoms as well. Due to the imbalanced hormones and the decreasing count of estrogen in the reproductive system, the emotional condition of a woman could be affected resulting to changes in attitude and lose of temper from time to time. When not alleviated, this condition may get worse. Another indicator of initial menopause is when one begins to feel some warm sparks in her body that may cause soreness of the face. This condition is also a result of the changes in the hormonal count.

A woman will apparently experience serious exhaustion, nervousness, and stress. Menopause may likewise bring a disturbance in sleep and great depression that will consume one’s energy. Because estrogen count decreases, one may have a sudden hair growth due to the active testosterone. Other situation brings thinning of hair or hair fall on the other hand. Other symptoms include lack of sleep which could result to insomnia, vaginal dryness, and reduction of sexual drive.

All women will have menopausal symptoms at some stage during their life, the vast majority in their forties or later but some can experience them in their twenties so it is vitally important that the early signs of menopause are recognized so treatment can begin at the earliest opportunity.