Spiritual Therapy for Workaholics – How to Become Spiritually Aware

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SPIRITUAL THERAPY FOR THE OVERSTRETCHED AND UNDERPAID: Do you work all hours? Are you stressed? There is an effective antidote to Work Place Stress that you may not be aware of. It is not a pill or a costly pampering session. What I am talking about is a free and effective therapy that is available to all. It is called Spiritual Energy, an abundant, universal source that holds the key to positive life changes.

Can Anyone Become Spiritually Aware? The answer of course is ‘yes’. This includes you even if you are a workaholic. Every human being is eligible for a Spiritual Experience, because we are all Spirit Beings in human form.

First question: Are you a workaholic?

Second question: Are you an eager beaver when it comes to your job, or are you an unwilling slave to the workplace? If you are a reluctant employee who struggles to put food on the table, despite working long hours, you will be tempted by a bargain or even better a freebie!

Spiritual Awareness is a free resource that can provide positive benefits for every human being. These positives include:

– The ability to relax.

– Stress management and relief of anxiety

Soul-Self awareness – awareness of the true self, which is at the core of Spirituality.

– An increasing raise in the Spiritual Vibration which gets us in touch with the Spirit World, allowing us to feel see and hear those who have made their transition.

Too far-fetched for you earthbound creatures? Your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You live in the real world not some ‘La La Land’. You have a living to earn and a family to feed. Of course, supporting your family is important, but why not give them a taste of something less solid? Allow them a glimpse of the real you.

Just stop and think for a moment. Surely there is more to our existence than the concrete world that surrounds you. The real you knows this to be true; the person that stands back, who observes as you become fretful and stressed. The objective you, who stays calm and questions why you are stressing.

Too busy to be Spiritual? How can you possibly think about becoming a Spiritual person when you are endlessly working? Can you really allow yourself to relax during your working day? You may laugh at the idea of meditating in the middle of working hours. Believe me, even in the workplace you can take time out for a Spiritual Break without a decrease in productivity. Try the exercise below:

Stress Buster: When the stress kicks in and that familiar twist in the gut grabs you, it is time to take a deep breath. Even if you are at your desk and under supervision, you are still allowed to breathe!

If you are not being observed then close your eyes as this helps you to focus your attention. (You can manage with your eyes open. Just focus your gaze on one spot.)

As you breathe slowly and deeply, focus your attention on your Solar Plexus Chakra. (An energy centre above your navel, in line with it, below your diaphragm.) This is the area where stress can be felt in a physical way, as though there is a big ‘knot’.

As you inhale direct your breath into your Solar Plexus. Visualise the air as positive energy entering the Solar Plexus Chakra and focus your attention there.

With each breath into the Solar Plexus you are relaxing the knot and then breathing out tension. Breathe slowly and gently until the knot disappears and the feeling of stress is dissolved.

When the feeling of stress has subsided, you can go on to visualise the breath as a white healing light entering the Solar Plexus. This will help you to restore your energy.

Hopefully you feel less stressed. Hopefully you feel calmer. Hopefully you have a de-stressing mechanism you can employ any time, any place.

If you have successfully carried out this stress busting exercise without attracting too much attention from your work mates, you should be pleased. Now I will let you into a little secret. You have more than one reason to be happy.

This stress busting exercise is more than a simple relaxation technique. When you are focusing on your Solar Plexus, you are focusing on your Chakra (energy centre), and sensing the energy there. This is much more than a physical sensation. You are sensing Spiritual Energy. You have taken your first step on a Spiritual Path.