Sharper Vision Without Glasses With The Clock Rotation Eye Exercise

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A natural vision correction alternative to glasses, contacts and laser surgery exists that will help you improve your vision naturally. An example of such a natural vision improvement option is called a program of eye exercises. In terms of improving your vision, an eye exercise program goes a step further than glasses, contacts and laser surgery because it addresses the underlying causes of your vision condition. These include eye strain, mental stress and tension in the eye muscles including nutritional deficiencies. This series of eye exercise techniques, which are simple to perform, strengthen the eye muscles thereby improving eyesight. One such example of such an eye exercise technique is called clock rotations. Here is a detailed description of how to perform this eye exercise along with the benefits it provides to improve your vision naturally:

Imagine that there is a huge clock on the wall. Move your eyes and not your head and look up to the 12 ‘;0 clock position. Hold this position for 3 -5 seconds then move your eyes to the 3 ‘;0 clock position on the clock. Do this as if both eyes are looking towards your right ear. Hold for a few seconds and then move your eyes down to the 6 ‘;0 clock position. Pause at each hour point as you did before with the other hour points. Similarly, move your eyes to the left to the 9 ‘;0 clock position and do this as if both your eyes are looking toward your left ear. Perform these clock rotations first in a clockwise direction and then in a counter – clockwise direction. Repeat these clock rotation routines for 10-15 repetitions. Finish this technique with a relaxation exercise called palming.

Here are some of the benefits of this eye technique: This particular eye exercise helps to stimulate circulation to the various parts of the eyes by loosing the ocular muscles. An increase in circulation to the different parts of the eye is one of the major keys to improving eye health. For example, this promises oxygen to the eyes thereby improving eyesight.

Eye exercises are not only an effective vision improvement alternative to glasses, contacts and laser surgery, but it is an affordable option that does not break your budget. The clock rotation eye exercise is just one of the many series of eye exercises that helps to improve eye health by bringing circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes. With the diligent and regular practice of these techniques, regardless of how bad your eyesight is, you can rebuild and restore your visual system to achieve better, sharper, clearer, vision without glasses.