Self Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety Relief – Gaze Relaxation Method

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Welcome. If you care to follow my humble voice, you will be able to descend into a very deep state of trance very quickly. As we progress, you will repeatedly come back out of the trance, which will then allow you to go even deeper as you return.

You may later use this method when listening to other hypnotists, or when hypnotizing yourself. It is a method especially designed to allow for a very quick path into the vaults of your subconscious.

It is great practice for your mind and body to learn how to release all stress and tension. It can be helpful if you have trouble falling asleep. The technique you will learn is a quick and thorough guide to relaxation, deep, wholesome breathing, and a truly rejuvenating experience of inner peace. Make sure you have made yourself comfortable in a place free from distractions. If you are sitting in a chair, your feet should be flat on the ground.

Cross your arms in front of your chest. If you are lying down, keep your feet apart. Your arms should rest comfortably at your sides. Next, find a spot in front of you and focus on it. Direct your eyes at it and explore it down to the smallest detail. Look at its texture, color, light, and shade.

Your eyes have acquired a kind of superpower. You can now literally zoom in on the spot and discover even more details in its texture, grains of dust, tiny bumps and indentations. Everything in the room around you begins to fade away or change as your mind and vision focus completely on this spot. Feel its energy. Feel it draw you in.

Almost immediately you will find that listening and letting yourself be guided towards your subconscious, you have begun to relax very deeply. The music that floats in and out of your consciousness, and every sound in the room will relax you further and further on a comfortable spiral leading you to the realm of peace.

Allow yourself to fall into a comfortable trance, your eyes still on the spot you picked. Your vision is drawn deeper and deeper into this spot. Your eyelids are getting heavy. They are getting so heavy and tired that you cannot help but close them. Feel your eyelids literally droop. Feel heaviness and drowsiness seep into your eyelids. Every time you blink, your eyes get heavier. Resist for another moment to close them as the desire to do so gets stronger and stronger.

Once again, notice the details of the spot. Look at its texture, colors, light and shade. When your eyelids have become so heavy, it is now impossible to keep them open, close your eyes. Feel your eyelids melt together as all tension leaves them.

Feel this comfortable calm sensation trickle from your eyes into your cheeks, and down into your jaw. Feel it flow into your eyebrows and stretch them into a smooth, even expression. Feel it flow into your forehead, relaxing every muscle there. Notice how your face has managed to relax completely. Not a wrinkle is left in it. Your skin, bedded on plump, subcutaneous cushions, has stretched out evenly and smoothly across your features. Let your face relax even more deeply.

Move your awareness to your right arm. All your thoughts are concentrated on your right arm. Now, feel it getting heavier. Each time you exhale, feel your right arm getting heavier and heavier, feel it sink deeper and deeper into the cushions, notice how it is still becoming heavier and heavier. Notice how all tension is leaving your arm as it is stretching out to its full length, disentangling all knots inside it, letting go of all tension, rinsing out all pain. Your right arm is now completely loose and relaxed.

Next, focus your attention on your left arm. Just like your right arm before, your left arm is getting heavier and heavier. As it gets heavier, your left arm sinks deeper and deeper into the cushions, stretches out more and more comfortably into its resting space and its surroundings. Feel how your left arm extends to its full length, dissolving lumps and knots, flushing out all pain and tension. Let your left arm sink into the cushions until it is so heavy that you couldn’t lift it up if you tried. Feel how both arms are now so utterly relaxed, so heavy that you cannot lift them. They have stretched out to their full length and are too tired and heavy to even think about moving. I will now count to three. On three, please open your eyes and focus on the spot in front of you once more. One – two – three. Your eyes are open, focusing on the spot. Your eyelids begin to feel heavier and heavier. Keep focusing on your spot. Your eyelids get so heavy you can hardly keep them open.

Focus on the spot again. Feel how your arms and legs get heavy and relaxed. They are so heavy they cannot be moved. Finally, allow your eyes to close and feel how the deep sense of relaxation, even deeper than before, begins to spread from your eyes into your cheeks and down into your arms, hands, body, legs, knees, calves, all the way down to your feet and to the very tip of your toes. Your whole body feels extremely relaxed and comfortable. Focus on your left arm. Feel its incredible heaviness. You could try to lift it, but it is so much trouble. Tense your muscles to lift your arm, but then notice how it is just too heavy and stop. After this, simply stop trying and let your arm relax even more.

Next, concentrate on your right leg. Feel it stretch, loosen, and relax. Let your right leg get heavy and feel it sinking into the cushions, deeper and deeper. It feels incredibly good to let your leg relax and sink so deeply into the cushions. It is heavy and relaxed. Too heavy to lift. No knots are left, no tension remains. Everything has dissolved into a deep, relaxed state of calm. Your leg is so heavy and has sunk so deeply into the structure underneath it, it cannot be lifted.

Your eyes are too relaxed to be opened. Relax your eyelids even more. When I count to three, let the deep sense of relaxation in your eyes flow down to your cheeks, jaw, and neck. One – two – three. Your eyes are now far too heavy to be opened. Try to lift your upper eyelid, and you will find it is so relaxed, lying so snug and comfortable on your lower lid, it simply won’t come up.

When I count to three again, your eyes will open easily and focus once again on the spot in front of you. One – two – three. Focus on the spot intently like you did before. Exert your eyes concentrating on every detail of this spot. Feel your eyes getting strained and tired, so tired and heavy that you need to close them once again. This time relaxing even deeper into your trance. You are drifting deep below the surface, deep into the reaches of your subconscious, and still you relax more, sinking down into a profound sphere of calm and peace.

Let the voice you hear guide you deep into your mind, where it creates a profound state of hypnosis. Let this voice reach the part of your mind that has been listening all along, the part of your mind that has followed every step of my instructions. Let my voice seep into your mind and sink along its timbre even deeper into your subconscious. You feel better and better, relaxing into a zone so comfortable nothing can disturb you. When I count to three, you will open your eyes again and concentrate on the spot in front of you once more. One – two – three. Focus. Notice how relaxed your body is. Your mind doesn’t need to monitor your body anymore. You are completely at peace.

Again, feel your eyelids droop and get so heavy you can hardly keep them open. They cannot even wait for you to tell them to close, they are so relaxed and heavy they simply decide to close on their own. Once again, sink deep into your mind, and look for the door. In a moment, you may step through this door into the very depths of your being and do, experience, or create whatever you wish. Your mind is in a deep and peaceful state. You have arrived deep in your subconscious, from where you can create whatever effect you desire in your emotional, intellectual, and physical landscape.

Now, let me count to three and step through the door. When you step through the door, allow your mind to go into the deepest state of calm, the deepest state of hypnosis, the deepest state of trance. One – two – three. Let your mind float and drift easily, allowing yourself to create whatever effect you wish. You have arrived at your most peaceful, most productive state of mind. Here, you can plant the seeds for the person you want to grow into, the seeds for the life you want to lead. Here, simply by thinking about what you want, you have the power to free yourself from negative thoughts, feelings and habits. You can implant the skill to carry out your missions successfully at your own pace. Saw the seeds of true confidence in yourself.

Listen to the sounds around you. With every sound you hear, you become more relaxed. The sounds drift off into the distance as you relax deeper and deeper into the state of hypnosis. Your arms and legs are too heavy to be moved. Your entire body is deeply relaxed, filled with a comfortable, heavy substance of calm, a fulfilling atmosphere of peace. There is not a single knot in your body. All tension has been flushed out by the smooth flow of positive, relaxed energy that has filled every nook and cranny of your system.

Notice that one part of your mind is leading you through the different levels of consciousness with complete confidence. If you are ready to come out of your trance, this part of your mind will lead you to the surface in an instant. If you intend to stay here longer, and implement more changes, it will keep you floating on, drifting peacefully through your subconscious, enabling you to implement all changes you can think of.

Make your body healthy and strong, erase pain and tension, sculpt your body and face, your intellect and personality down to the smallest detail. Whatever you would like to happen, just think of it joyfully, and allow it to sink into this fertile ground from where it will emerge to change your life. Your subconscious will work for you without doubt or hesitation. Simply ask, and your wish will be granted. The resources to create a new you are right here.

You are free to repeat this process whenever you wish. Focus on a spot, zoom in on it and concentrate on all its details. Close your eyes. Open your eyes and focus on the spot once more. By repeating this, you can relax progressively deeper into the most productive state of mind your body can attain. To further deepen your trance, look for the door that leads deeper into the world of your subconscious. Open the door and step through it onto even deeper levels of hypnosis where your suggestions and wishes will be fulfilled with even more ease. The more you relax, the less resistance will be offered to implanting the seeds of your dreams, the beginnings of profound change, tailored exactly to your wishes.

Whenever you are ready to leave your trance, simply count to five, feeling your arms and legs, your body and your consciousness flowing back through you with a tingling sensation, revitalizing your entire being, preparing you to rise and emerge from the depth of your trance to find yourself inside a new, rejuvenated you.

Once you have counted to five, your eyes will feel clear and sharp. Your body will feel revitalized and energetic. I will count to five in a moment. When I finish, feel free to remain in trance for longer or re-emerge from it and plunge up to the surface. You may drift off into a deep, refreshing sleep, or rise to pursue your activities awake, refreshed, confident, and revitalized. One – two – three – four – five.