Self Help For Panic Attacks Available

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For many years it was believed that medication was the best way to deal with anxiety. This idea has been changing. Today, many doctors and therapists are taking a different approach to those with panic and anxiety problems. Many have come to the realization that taking medicine to treat these problems is at best temporary without long term positive results.

It should go without saying that in some instances medication is a valuable tool to stabilize some people in a time of crisis. On the whole, however; the attempt to cure someone with medication creates a victim mentality. What this suggests is that people do not have the resources to effectively deal with these problems themselves.

Some of the problem originates from classifying anxiety as a disorder. This, by its very nature, defines it as a medical condition that needs drugs for treatment. If you stop to consider it, anxiety really does not fit any medical definition of a medical disorder. Anxiety is a condition that produces an intense undefined fear. Along with this by can feel severe discomfort and experience one or several physical symptoms.

Drug companies manufacture a wide variety of anti-anxiety drugs. Meanwhile, there is a vast amount of university research that tells us that these pharmaceuticals are no better at reducing anxiety than natural herbs, visualization methods or breathing techniques.

One should also consider that several of the anti-anxiety medication come with warnings of both harmful side effects and serious withdrawal symptoms.

Research indicates that anti-anxiety drugs have about the same success with patients as though that took a placebo. There are herbs, including Valerian and St. John’s Wort, that have provided relief to sufferers without the harmful side effect or the difficult withdrawal.

Over time, this increasing body of research has been changing the way that doctors, therapists and patients deal with anxiety and panic disorders. Today, many people are using cognitive approaches and natural supplements to either control or eliminate chronic anxiety.

The cognitive approaches might include individual or group therapy, visualization routines and relaxation techniques. One could also involve yoga or a daily exercise regimen and breathing techniques. A lot of people say that their best results come from combining several of the approaches.

Also, because herbal supplements are practically free from harmful side effects, people find that it is much easier to include them in their approach to eliminating their anxiety.