SBM 300H Review – An Overview of the SBM 300H Massaging Cushion

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The SBM 300H is a relatively recent addition to Homedic’s remedial massage product line. The company has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality devices for relieving stress and tension in the back and neck. Needless to say, Americans suffer from back pain in epidemic proportions, so we will examine the Homedics SBM 300H, and see if it provides an effective solution.

Essentially, the cushion can be attached to any chair, due to it’s adjustable velcro straps. They do an excellent job of holding the unit in place. However, most users report that the best results occur when it is attached to a harder chair, as opposed to a recliner.

The fabric covering the cushion is soft, and quite comfortable to the touch. In a matter of speaking, the SBM 300H turns any chair into a Shiatsu massage chair.

Homedics’s proprietary moving dual massage mechanism moves vertically along the back, relieving tension, muscle discomfort and stress. If you want to target a specific ache, using Shiatsu Plus spot massage, will effectively accomplish that. By simply pressing a button, individuals can adjust the width of the massage rollers to conform to their bodies.

To target a particularly tight spot, users are able to hold the massage as long as it takes to work out even the tightest knots. This is due to the cushion’s integrated Spot Shiatsu system. The adjustable width setting for Rolling Massage allows users to regulate the massage rollers on both sides of the spine for maximum benefit and relief. This Homedics model also features in-seat massage,  which is a stimulating vibration massage that promotes increased circulation.

The massaging cushion features six programs: full, lower, or upper back in Shiatsu, and a rolling massage for each of the three modes. In addition, users can apply a heating function to further relax tired and sore muscles. While the heat cannot be adjusted, it seems to be a satisfactory temperature for most people.

In conclusion, Homedics continues to create better versions of chair massagers that are already good to begin with. The SBM 300H is a shining example of that progress!