Relieve Stress – 3 Tips You Can Do to Release Stress

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When I made the commitment to do whatever it took to get healthy and regain my energy I realized that dealing with stress was an essential part of it. I practiced many natural therapies like yoga, meditation, reflexology, and energy therapy which helped me cope with daily activities. But it wasn’t the ultimate key that really helped me to relieve stress. I found out that I had this negative vibration within my body, carrying unhealthy beliefs and painful images from the past that triggered a fear or panic signal and stress response when similar situations occurred in my present life. This would shut down my immune response which protects our cells from viruses and illness.

For instance I was getting a lot of urine tract infections. I discovered that if I let go of the certain fears like making wrong decisions or the guilt feelings I got when I did something wrong and instead I looked at them as learning experiences I didn’t receive urine tract infections, become tired, and my health improved. By choosing to let go of old habitual thoughts it shifted my thoughts to healthier ones, then by the support of the natural therapies that I had learned helped my body heal itself.

3 Tips To Help You To Relieve Stress In Your Day

The following three things do not require much practice and they can easily be brought into your day.

1. Use Your Breath To Relieve Stress: When you feel your chest constricting and you are having difficulty breathing, take a moment, close your eyes and connect with your breath, breathe in and out, just focus on your breath. Give special attention to your face, jaw, and shoulders. These are areas that you hold a lot of tension in, you can move your jaw back and forth and open your mouth up really wide to help release tension in your face area. If your mind goes off to thoughts simply place your attention back onto your breath, breathe in and out 10 times, taking deeper breaths each time.

2. Another way of reducing stress is talking about it and putting emotion behind it. Talk about things that get you anger and upset. Talk about guilt, fear, and negative thoughts that are stressing you out. Things that you are holding on to. I find sometimes that when I’m talking about these unhealthy thoughts I will feel a tension being built up in my chest, it becomes harder to breathe and depending on my attachment to what I’m talking about is how emotional I will get. Talking about these thoughts of anger, worry, resentment, and fears is a good thing because talking about them lets them go. In doing so I’m not holding onto those old feelings any longer which were clouding my judgment and holding me back from doing something.

3. Do Things You Love: I find I’m not stressed out, my fears and worries about what’s going on in my life are gone when I enjoy doing something because I’m more relaxed and my focus is on the activity that I’m doing. Now with the nice weather I enjoy going for a bike ride to the park with my kids. I have a double trailer attached to it for my two kids to ride in. I find riding over to the park releases the stress I was feeling and relaxes me enough to fully place my attention on my kids when they are having fun at the park.

Stress is something that you create. It’s not something that happens to you. So if you create your stress then you can get rid of your stress and if you practice anyone of these tips you’ll find your stress level decreasing during your day.