Prostate Pain Gone In 10 Seconds Or Less

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If you are experiencing prostate pain that is due to BPH or because it is enlarged and swollen from prostatitis, then the following tip may be just what you need to at least temporarily help rid yourself of the discomfort.

Here is the story:

One of the little-known ways to help eliminate prostate pain (or at least keep it at bay for a while) is having sex.

Sex is extremely good for your prostate symptoms.

And, this is especially true if you are dealing with an enlarged prostate you want to shrink naturally and, yes, pleasurably. Truth is, men who have frequent sex tend to have way less prostate problems, pain and discomfort than men who rarely have sex.

There are many reasons for this, too.

One of which is, during orgasm (even if it only lasts a few seconds), your prostate naturally shrinks. So that alone is a good reason to have healthy sex with your wife often if you have prostate enlargement problems.

Another reason is it typically relieves pain.

Sex helps release your body’;s natural pain killers, and can make you feel pretty good afterwards.

And finally, sex is great stress relief.

This is extremely important if you are having any kind of prostate problems. A lot of times, stress and anxiety will make your prostate symptoms much worse than they would be otherwise. And by having sex, you force your body to relax, and your mind to calm down.

So there are many benefits to having sex.

And if you have prostate pain, it could have given you some of that discomfort in as little as a few seconds during the orgasm if nothing else.