Natural Anti-Aging In Your Refrigerator

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I discovered “the Secret” to anti-aging because I was open to it. I have always believed I could stay young. I don’t know exactly why. Perhaps it was because I saw the future and somehow knew there would be incredible anti-aging products in my lifetime -and there are.

However, I love doing things naturally as much as humanly possible, because these are long-term cures that will stick with you. Also, some of the not-so-natural anti-aging skin care products can actually do damage over time.

Food for Your Face

So what works for beneficial results instantly and actually feeds your skin what it needs as well?

I asked my German friend about her European beauty secrets. I had always heard that European products were superior. She told me her mother did weekly facials with qvark (like thick sour cream). So she did the same and even though she’s nearly sixty years old, men in their twenties approach her and flirt with her! She doesn’t look much older than late twenties or early thirties at most!

Since we don’t have qvark in the U.S., where I live, I use sour cream or full-fat yogurt for my facials. It’s quite simple:

Sour Cream Facial

  1. Take out about one tablespoon of sour cream (I only use yogurt if it is European, much thicker than ours) and let it warm to room temperature.
  2. Spread with a small size rubber spatula over face and neck. I like to do my hands as well.
  3. Relax with a book or simply lay down and rest. (I wait just a few minutes for my hands to dry a little before I try to do anything, otherwise it gets everything covered with sour cream!)
  4. Leave on 30 to 50 minutes, or until dry and tight. Then wash off and apply your best natural moisturizer. Look at your beautiful, natural face lift!

Younger-Looking Eyes

When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes have bags under my eyes, so I go to the refrigerator:

  1. Slice a piece of cucumber, poke some holes in it to let the juice flow out, and smear it all around my eyes and the rest of my face as well.
  2. Do this a few times as you get ready for your day. Each time it dries, put on more. You can use the same slice if it’s still juicy. Sometimes, just one application is enough. Keep looking in the mirror so you see the difference and know if you are there yet.
  3. Apply your eye-care cream and face cream.

You can also try wet tea bags, but you have to lie down and leave these on for about ten minutes.

I do not wash my face in the morning, only at night. In the morning, I spray my face with a mixture of purified water and essential oil of lavender (for stress-relief). Washing with water too much is not good for the face (Just ask Cher and other beauty experts).


There are many more food-for-beauty secrets that you can Google, like avocado, for example.

Think Yourself Young. After thinking thin, the most effective thing I have ever done to look and feel younger is by believing I can. I’ve learned to reprogram my subconscious for success