Mental Toughness Training For Sports

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To reach full potential, any athlete needs mental toughness. That’;s a combination of mental, emotional and physical toughness. How do you realize that? You need to get out of your comfort zone and regularly expose yourself to difficulties that stretch your limits. Pride yourself on being able to handle tough circumstances, without whining or feeling self-pity. Top athletes are great role models for this. Who else can we learn this from? Right. Military people. They are all about mental toughness.


United States Army Ranger training is one of the toughest special forces military programs on the planet. Mind skills are as important as physical and soldering skills. All but the toughest wash out. About 60% of all applicants fail during indoctrination. This failure rate is purposefully designed into the initiatives to weed out all but the very toughest and best people. Attendees who graduate have the confidence and mental toughness of knowing they passed through the virtual gates of torture and lived. How many of these Ranger mind tools do you possess?

1. Rangers train to expect the unexpected. Do you love unpredictability or are you a creation of habit who gets thrown off-balance with every change of wind?

2. Rangers train against enemy capture exploitation and political indoctrination tactics. Do you have a plan for handling workplace politics?

3. Rangers are the only military unit that mandates physical training five days a week, 48 weeks a year. Are you making yourself fit to do battle in the workplace?

4. Rangers are trained to believe that there is more than one way to do almost anything. Are you a flexible and adaptable thinker?

5. Rangers must be ready to deploy anywhere in the world on 18-hours notice. Do you maintain a ready state of mind for any eventuality?

6. Rangers are expert at infiltrating by air, sea or land into any kind of terrain, under any type of condition. Do you consider yourself well-rounded in your tactics and abilities?

Do you want the mental abilities of a Ranger? Toughen your mind.

Be a mentally tough athlete. Adopt the mental strategies of the Rangers and toughen your mind and body.

This article covers only one small part of the mental game. A complete mental training program includes motivation and goal-setting, pre-event mental preparation, post-event review and analysis, mental strengthening, self-regulation training, breath control training, motor skill training, mental rehearsal, concentration training, pressure-proofing , communication training, confidence-building, breaking through mental barriers, slump prevention, mental toughness training, flow training, relaxation training, momentum training, psych-out proofing and media training.

For a comprehensive overview of your mental abilities you need an assessment instrument that identifies your complete mental strengths and weaknesses. For a free, easy-to-take 65-item sport psychology assessment tool you can score right on the spot, visit . This assessment gives you a quick snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses in your mental game. You can use this as a guide in creating your own mental training program, or as the basis for a program you undertake with Bill Cole, MS, MA to improve your mental game. This assessment would be an excellent first step to help you get the big picture about your mental game.

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