Levels of Necessity For Daily Inspirations

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Being human is having a disease of separation from others, from ourselves, and from our higher Presence. Humanity suffers – often unconsciously — sometimes consciously – always with some level of pain, fear and loneliness lurking just beneath the surface.

Each of us has our own personal experience of what this means. Somewhat like yard sales: one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Each of us have unique mental perceptual filters – some genetic, and many created by past life events and circumstances that were never resolved. So we each experience life at different levels of consciousness, with different expressions of mental filtering, and with different levels of conscious pain and separation.

Finding daily inspirations, for me, is finding those inspirational life quotes, experiences, actions, and relationships that match my moment to moment levels of pain and loneliness, bringing me back to and increasingly maintaining a level of serenity, joy, and presence. Because my conscious levels of pain has been rather extensive, beginning at age two, it has been necessary to pursue more daily inspirations experiences than has seemingly been necessary for many others. My level of necessity for finding daily inspirations has driven me to find and practice a different inspirational lifestyle.

Finding daily inspirations has involved developing inspirational resources that I practice daily, in all of the affairs of my life. And then there were times of heightened consciousness when I needed “booster shots” of additional inspirational resources – in order to return to a level of comfort and serenity. The key here is to develop and store – in my spiritual and emotional banks — the needed daily inspirations so they are available daily, and so that more inspirational resources are available when there is an increased need. There are three major areas of finding daily inspirations that I have found helpful:


I have about eight daily readers that I have read almost daily for close to twenty years. These daily meditations typically include inspirational life quotes and some form of inspirational sharing about the thought in the quote.

Also, I have other books from which I find daily inspirational readings. From these books, I frequently read from a few paragraphs up to a page each day. These are books that feel personal rather than professional — experiential rather than intellectual — similar to my own life experiences rather than “preachy” and detached.

I listen to readings to hear the voice of a higher Presence, giving support, direction, and closeness, and I hear their voices in these daily inspirations.


I have found that certain types, styles, and forms of music and nature sounds settle my brain, and allow me to listen more attentively to Presence in others, in readings, and in life events. Soft music and nature sounds seem to encourage my mind to rest and to hear clearly.

On different days, the specific music and sounds that help me find my daily inspirations varies. There is music that I used when I first began daily meditation that I now find distracting or disabling of my inspiration. And there are new music, sounds, and verbal meditations that I continue to use and add.

Meditation tapes have also been helpful to me for over 20 years as aids to daily inspirations. These tapes give verbal directions for experiencing higher Presence through mental and physical relaxation and focusing. Again, different levels of necessity or pain seem to respond better to different recordings.


In my experience, human beings possess the highest levels of spiritual energy and Presence for daily inspirations. I have had a spiritual guide for over twenty years, and I have been and am a guide for others. When I struggle with my illness of being human, I go to other humans who know they have the same disease, and who have been practicing inspirational living as the treatment for their symptoms.

I have also found that when I cannot reach my spiritual guides, my higher Presence comes to me in the form of the people who simply appear and respond in my life for those immediate needs. They may not understand, but they are always the messengers of the exact daily inspirations needed.

My life has no accidents or coincidences. All events and people are placed in my life exactly as I need them and ultimately as I would want them if I had my higher Presence’s level of information. And I am the same for others. The difference each time is the level of my ability to hear, which depends on my level of access to conscious pain.

Frequently my spiritual guide will be someone for whom I am officially their spiritual guide. The key seems to be my level of acceptance of the fact that, by myself, I am powerless over what I perceive and how I react. An inspirational window or door opens inside and I am able to leave my humanness and enter a better place.

My level of necessity is directly proportional to the level of my conscious discomfort with my humanness. The level at which I need to find daily inspirations is determined by my level of spiritual and emotional necessity. The task and gift of my life is to find levels of inspired Presence that match my levels of daily necessity. And I believe we can all share these same challenges and these same opportunities together. The daily inspirations we need are always available.