Let Counselling and Hypnotherapy Help

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When people find that they keep repeating negative patterns of behaviour it can be a good time to enlist the help of a professional. There is often a conflict between how a person wants to be and how they are actually reacting and responding at these times. Many people are aware that they don’t want to be this way, but can’t seem to stop it or help themselves.

A combination of counselling and hypnotherapy can be a useful way to address these problems.

Counselling is useful as a way of bringing the matters into focus. It identifies the key issues behind the symptoms. People will often seek help because they repeat self-destructive patterns of behaviour, they can’t stop themselves reacting in a negative way, they feel bad about themselves, unworthy, not good enough. All these can be symptoms of stress, poor self-esteem and low confidence levels. Understanding what is going on and the times that trigger this pattern can be a useful way to recognise how to move forward from this state.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different ways. Some people dislike or distrust the idea of hypnotherapy because they feel that it is used to dredge up past negative experiences that have lain successfully dormant for a long time. The truth is these bad experiences have not lain successfully dormant. They are regularly being triggered whenever the person is in a similar type of situation.

However it is not necessary to reactivate the original problem. Many hypnotherapists use the treatment to heal the original hurt and let it go as it is not relevant to whom the person is today. Many successes and experiences have happened since that original event. All that needs to happen is to stop it from being reactivated every time the client experiences similar situations.

For example, a successful businessman may struggle with presentations. He finds that he sweats, gets a dry mouth, churning stomach, palpitations every time he is required to present his business. He appreciates that this is a ridiculous, unfounded reaction. He is hugely successful, more than conversant with his subject and has nothing to be nervous or afraid of. Hynotherapy can be used to enable him to realise that his behaviour is traceable back to school days when he was asked a question, made a mess of the answer and the other children laughed. The next day, walking along the corridor to the classroom the child was filled with dread at the thought of the same thing happening again. And that fear stayed and was reinforced over and over again. Hypnotherapy allows that experience to be recalled but not reactivated any more.

Some clients come for help with one problem and then realise that it is a symptom of something else. Smoking, eating and sleeping problems can often incorporate elements of stress. Treating the whole person provides a better chance of resolving all their problems.

Positive visualisation of the future can be incorporated into the treatment. The client can start to see themselves as they would like to be and then really strengthen that imagery. Make it feel real, maybe even step into it and become surrounded by confidence, protection and good feelings.

Positive self talk can also be identified as being a supportive additional tool. How many of us talk to ourselves in a negative or dismissive way? We would never talk to another person in that way and yet it is not uncommon for people to call themselves terrible words if they make a mistake. Learning to be kinder to ourselves is important. As in linking in with using positive successful phrases or affirmations for how we want to be and how to see ourselves. Phrasing these in the present tense helps them feel real and become a part of our energy and ethos.

Counselling and hypnotherapy are positive ways of allowing the client to first clarify their problem and then facilitate the solution to their issues and concerns. The therapist provides a supportive, safe environment to allow the client to let go of old unwanted behaviour and become a better more confident person, more positive about themselves and their quality of life.