Lasting Longer in Bed Is Possible With Physical Ejaculatory Reflex Training

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For many men, it would be a dream come true, if they could last another five (5) minutes before ejaculation, during sexual intercourse. If the latest news is to be believed, this dream can be made real by applying PERT (Physical Ejaculatory Reflex Training). Of all the “cures” that have been offered to cure PE, PERT seems to be the most promising. Lasting longer in bed may not be too far away, after all. This is what P.E.R.T. offers.

1. Strengthening and Training of Pelvic Area Muscles.

There are certain muscles in the pelvic area that are really responsible for carrying out the ejaculation process. If you are going to gain control over the timing of your ejaculation, you will get to know these muscles and how to control them. There are special pelvic muscle training techniques that will give you better control over the ejaculation process.

2. Ejaculatory Reflex Relaxation Techniques.

In order to enjoy the benefits of lasting longer in bed, you should get to know these reflex relaxation techniques. This is done be keeping these muscles in a relax but controlled condition. The result of this, is that it becomes impossible to ejaculate until you decide to do so. Although not a simple thing, reflex relaxation techniques can reap very good rewards. This is a very effective way to control premature ejaculation and give your wife a better sexual experience.

3. Breathing Techniques for Better Sex

Not all men know that proper breathing techniques will help them last longer during sex. This is true however. The proper breathing habits can help to calm the arousal and ejaculation process. Breathing in a relax way during sexual intercourse can help the man. It would help too, if you are not completely out of shape, as you will get tired easily and negatively affect the ejaculation process.

4. Anocutanious Reflex – Penis sensitivity Training

One of the marvelous features of the human body, is the tendency of the pelvic muscles to become tense when the head of the penis is stimulated. This makes ejaculation easy. It is possible however, to train the head of the penis to be less reactive to stimulation, though you cannot completely eliminate this.

If you can train your body to not react 100% to penile stimuli, you can reduce Premature ejaculation. This is achieved because the training will return your ejaculatory muscles to a more relax and controlled state. This is another effective technique that should help any man who is looking for ways to last longer in bed.